Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How to Winterize Your Motorcycle

As the morning temperatures drop here in Western North Carolina, we receive a lot of questions from motorcycle owners involving what steps should one take to winterize their motorcycle if they will not be riding it during the winter months.  We know that not everyone enjoys riding in cold weather.

Here is a great overview on the basic steps that you can take to winterize your motorcycle:


After reviewing the above article, if you have any specific questions please feel free to stop by our Shop or give us a call at (828) 505-7575.

Monday, October 1, 2018

What to Know Before Buying Your First Motorcycle

Whether it's the visceral experience of riding out on the open road, the skill and precision required to control a bike, or the fascinating technical and mechanical aspect of motorcycles, everyone has their own story of why they decided to buy their first bike. Regardless of motivation, there's one thing every first-time bike owner has in common: they need to know biking basics before making a purchase.

Take a New Rider Course 
A bunch of motorcycles in front of Blue Ridge Riders

Responsible drivers know that safety comes before style and speed. First-time buyers should enroll in a new rider course to learn about staying safe on the road. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's courses are generally considered the gold standard of training, consisting of 15 hours of formal instruction over a three-day period.

Determine New or Pre-owned

Although it may be hard to hear, many bikers' first few rides will include a mishap. New riders are likely to drop and damage their bike while they're honing their skills. Because of this, many advise that a first bike be pre-owned, which gives new owners a chance to get a sense of riding before investing in a long-term bike. In the right condition, these first-time bikes can also be traded in to work toward a newer model.

Get a Bike That Fits

In cars, seats and steering wheels can be adjusted. On a bike, this isn't the case. Bikes can vary drastically in fit, with some requiring riders to lean forward and crouch over the handlebars, and others allowing riders to lean back. Deciding on things like seat height and weight are best done in person, so, to get the right fit, it's important to physically be present when checking out bikes.

Take a Test Ride

In order to ensure a bike fits, first-time buyers should take new wheels out for a spin with a test ride. Many sellers only allow serious, qualified buyers to take a test ride, so buyers need to clearly demonstrate that they are sincere; it's best to buy a bike knowing it's as comfortable on mile five as it is parked on the dealer room floor.

Get the Right Gear

"Dress for the slide, not for the ride" is a common saying in the motorcycle community. Although riders may want to show off a certain biker style, it's much more important to wear a DOT- or ECE-approved helmet first and foremost. Riders can also benefit from impact-absorbing padding, gloves, and ankle-high boots—at least for the first several rides.

The only feeling better than taking a bike out for its very first ride is the satisfaction of knowing the purchase was the best and safest choice. If you have questions about becoming a first-time bike owner or financing your next bike, give Blue Ridge Riders a call at 828-505-7575 today!