Monday, July 2, 2018

A Guide to Buying a Pre-owned Motorcycle

Buying a pre-owned motorcycle is a great way to get all the fun and freedom that comes with a brand-new bike but at a more reasonable price. But as with buying anything secondhand, there are a few points to consider and parts to examine before signing the deal. This guide will help you navigate the basics of selecting a "new" pre-owned motorcycle and inspecting all the details.

Choosing a Bike According to Riding Needs 
A blue pre-owned motorcycle

Pre-owned motorcycles are perfect for bikers on a budget, but price shouldn't be the number-one factor when shopping for one. Motorcycles, new or used, should be selected with their intended use in mind. Long-haulers planning for cross-country trips are better suited to touring models with all the extra features—seat warmers, surround sound, cruise control, and the like. For bikers who plan to take shorter trips around town, cruisers and sports bikes with the bare essentials are preferable.

Market Price and Model History Research Is Key

There's also important pricing and model history to look up before deciding on a pre-owned motorcycle. Check on the bike's market pricing in guides like the NADA Guide, and make sure insurance coverage costs will be reasonable for the motorcycle in question. It's also a good idea to get detailed service and title histories if they're available, as they should show any potential problems or red flags to help you avoid headaches down the road.

Give It a Thorough Inspection

Inspecting the pre-owned bike early will ensure that the money saved buying used won't need to be spent on further upgrades and repairs. Reputable dealers will sell only quality bikes, but it's still important to check for potential problems before making a purchase. The engine, gearbox, chain, suspension, wheels, and brakes should all be structurally sound and in good, consistent working order. Unusual noises, leaks, and loose parts are all indicators that the bike is in need of extra attention.

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