Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Diamondback-Devil's Whip Loop: The Diamondback-Devil's Whip Loop is located in the area of Little Switzerland and the Blue Ridge Parkway about 50 miles Northeast of Asheville, North Carolina. This 38-mile diamond shaped loop includes NC 226A, US 221, Toms Creek Road, NC 80 (a/k/a the “Devil’s Whip”) and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

This loop starts near the hundred-year-old Switzerland Inn located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Little Switzerland. You should consider an overnight stay at the Switzerland Inn.  Begin this ride by descending down NC 226A in Little Switzerland towards US 221.  These 11 miles are packed with several great twisties. The first 5 miles descending are the steepest and the tightest. On this first leg of the ride you will descend down approximately 2,100 feet over the 11 miles. When NC 226A ends bear right on to NC 226 a short distance to US 221.

On the next leg you will make a right turn on to US 221 South for 4 miles and then make a right turn on to Toms Creek Road. You may want to gas up while you are on US 221.

Take Toms Creek Road for 2 miles to NC 80. Make a right turn on to NC 80 (a/k/a “Lake Tahoma Rd.” and then known as “Buck Creek Road”). NC 80 ascends 2,100 feet over the 10 miles back up to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Approximately 7 miles up, NC 80 (“Buck Creek Rd.”) takes a sharp left turn at Singecat Branch. The last three miles on NC 80 get steeper and twistier. There is a very challenging switchback just before the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The final leg of the Diamondback Loop is to take the Blue Ridge Parkway north for about 10 miles back to Little Switzerland where you started this loop.

For a change of pace, reverse the direction of the loop and go down NC 80 (Devil’s Whip) and up NC 226A (the Diamondback).  Going either way is a fun and challenging ride.  Enjoy!

*** We do not recommend this ride for beginning and novice riders given the various demanding technical challenges of the tight twisties and the switchbacks. 

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