Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Questions you should ask a dealer when buying a Motorcycle

Hey motorcycle enthusiasts we want to take the time to make sure when you are looking to purchase your next bike that you ask the dealer the MOST important questions. We all get that “giddy” moment where we walk in to a dealership, find a ride we fall in love with, sign papers and leave. When in reality, we all need to take a step back and think about what is truly important. Are customers asking these 10 questions to assure they are getting a quality bike that is road ready? At Blue Ridge Riders our staff offer up this information without you even asking! What about other dealers? Even if you are not a customer of ours we want to make sure no one is being mislead or taken advantage of. Use these questions as a guideline for your next motorcycle purchase and take charge of YOUR decision:

1.      How many owners has this bike had?

2.      Is the mileage accurate on the odometer?

3.      Does the bike have a “clean title” or is it a “salvage title” or are there any negative brands on the title?

4.      Have any on-staff mechanics serviced and inspected the bike?

5.      Where did this bike come from?

6.      How much tread is left on the tires?

7.      What has been serviced or replaced? Example: oil, oil filter, air filter, brakes, brake fluid, tires

8.      Is there any existing warranty, if not can I purchase one?

9.      What, if any, accessories come with the bike?

10.   Will this dealer charge any additional fees such as document fees, prep charges or delivery/destination fees in addition to the negotiated price for the motorcycle?

 Please make fully informed decisions when buying your next ride. This lifestyle is about the Fun, Freedom, and Adventures a motorcycle offers you!

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